Tithe Award Transcriptions


The Friends have Completed the project of transcribing the contents of Somerset’s Tithe Apportionments. The great majority, though not all, Parishes have tithe awards.

The Tithe Apportionments were photographed by Ann, the then Chairman, and Robin Leaman, the Tithe Project leader, of the Friends. Ann and Robin deserve great praise for devoting a lot of time to this project.

Volunteers have transcibed data from these photographic images into a word processor, for textual information, and a spreadsheet format, for tabular data. It was a big project which took about twelve years to complete, but it is seen as of the utmost importance in that it will gives users of the Heritage Centre a tremendously large and detailed source of information.

The parish apportionments are available to view, currently on CD-Rom, in the Heritage Centre.