Oddities from the Records

It is hoped that users will contribute oddities found in any Archives concerning the County. If you know of any oddities
that you think are worth including, please send them to malcolm at web@friendsofsomersetarchives.org.uk

An oddity from the Dickinson Project:
23, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W
August 17th 1888,

My Dear Mr Richardson,

I arrived from Brighton yesterday evening and found that my cellar had been emptied.

My Manservant Lynch had run off on the 9th and he turned up again the last Sunday evening about 8pm and slept in the house but disappeared before the servants were up in the morning.

Nobody knows his whereabouts which is very annoying. I am very anxious to see you as all this makes me very anxious about the place,

I remain,

Yours very sincerely,

William Dickinson

The strange case of John Lacy
On September 8th 1795, John Lacy is recorded in the Keynsham registers as having been buried. The comment in the burial register notes that he died from eating too many plums!!

A Curious Child of Bicknoller. From the parish records:
On 13th September 1771 a girl Ann, daughter of William and Sarah Cross was baptised. Noted in the register was the fact that:
This child has 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on one foot and seven on the other.
[My ancestors came from Bicknoller - I wonder if we are related! - webmaster]

Here are some more oddities from the parish records of Kingston Seymour and from the Bath Chronicle.

To Cure ye Bite of a Mad Dog
Take of Rue pluckt fm ye Stalk - 6 ounces
of Garlick a little bruised, of Venice or Comon Treacle and shrid'ed Tin (of each a Quarter of a Pound)
Boyl all these in 2 Qts of Ale Till its shrunk a Pint

To a man or woman give 9 spoonfuls every morning, for 7 mornings
To a boy or girl 6, to an infant 3
To other creatures 3 sponfulls a morning for 7 mornings.

Another recipe from the Bath Journal dated Feb 22nd 1747/8:
Brought fm Tonquin, in ye East Indies, by Sr Geo Cobb, who has seen it effect ye cure several times:
affn ye Symptoms of madness have appreared in persons, yt have been bit.
Take one penny wieght of fictitious Cinnabar and fifteen grains of Musk.

Let 'em all be ground into a very fine powder, and taken in a small glass of Brandy,
Arrack or Rum, as soon as possible affr ye Bite.
Repeat ye same thrity days after, and ye same again may be repeated thirty days after that.
But if ye symptoms of madness appear on ye Patient, let him take two of ye above doses
in an Hour and a half, and also another ye next morning.

Accounts of storms at Kingston Seymour, again from the Parish Registers
Jan 20th 1606. The Sea broke in here, drown'd Many Persons much Cattle and goods.
The water was 5 foot high in ye Church about 50 days in ye Country.

Nov 27th 1703 By means of a violent Hurricane ye Sea broke in again and did great Damage,
by destoying Cattle and corn etc. to the value of 1500.

Jan 8th 1734 A violent hurrican, but without inundation, did much Damage here,
by uncovering Houses and blowing down Trees; as in many other parts of the
Kingdom - It blew down ye Rectory Barm and Stable here.