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Data Protection
The Friends of Somerset Archives [FOSA] fully comply with the currently legislated data protection regulations [GDPR] in that the data that we hold collectively or on individual members is only used for providing information to members for the purposes of informing them of the activities directly relevant to the legitimate purposes of FOSA and the SWHT (South West Heritage Trust). We do not, and will not, send to members any marketing information, or similar information on behalf of other organisations or disclose this data to a third party.

At present the data consists of the name of a member, their postal address, telephone number and (if available) an e-mail address.


The 'Snippets' newsletter

Following a review of the membership lists and a cross check with the e-mail and hard copy distribution lists we have identified that a few FOSA members may not have received their copies of Snippets ... if you believe you are missing anything please get in touch.

Snippets No.51 was published in January 2020

Snippets No.52 was published in April 2020

Snippets No.53 was published in July 2020

Snippets No.54 was published in September 2020

Snippets No.55 was published in December 2020

Snippets No.56 was published in March 2021